I make drawings, paintings and prints. I choose watercolor, gouache, ink and oil for their ability to yield transparency and opacity. The medium’s viscosities which pool, swirl and drip embrace formlessness. When layered, the paint can be molded, scraped and scratched into their opposites, building up density, texture and form. By playing back and forth between form and formlessness I am bringing attention to the nature of impermanence.

Nature inspires and trees are my subject. I like to capture the rhythmic movement of line as a form of the awareness of the inner life of things. I am Intrigued by the interweaving of thin and thick tree branches that cross and shift. Strong silhouettes and differentiated filigree draw me in. Through their own networks of roots and branches that reach down into the earth and up to the sky, trees mirror our own life and death cycle as human beings.

By zooming in and editing out branches, my forms become abstracted. Recently they have begun to allude to neurosystems, organs, and organisms. Utilizing repetition of mark, a tactile surface arises hinting at connective tissues while also emphasizing materiality and process. Nuance of color encourages a focus on subtle sensations.

My most recent series of work which I have completed is called, “Gestation.” These paintings and drawings were inspired by my two pregnancies which occurred within the last three years. Color and texture are the main elements at work which are used in response to the sensations of growing human beings and the emotions which come along with the unknown. These works also involve themselves with the process of birthing and its counterpart, loss.  Although these issues have been personal concerns, they are ones which have been shared by woman throughout history.