Nature inspires and trees are my subject.  My painting language relies heavily on line as its main element in my work. I am Intrigued by the interweaving of thin and thick tree branches that cross and shift. Strong silhouettes and differentiated filigree draw me in.

I like to capture the rhythmic movement of the line as a form of awareness of the inner life of things. Through their own networks of roots and branches that reach down into the earth and up to the sky trees mirror our own life and death cycle as human beings.

The space between trees and tree branches contain atmospheric conditions that momentarily change the tangibility of their form-- fog dissolves edges, or the sun shines into them from behind. In my work color makes an appearance as light. 

Beginning from observation I work my way back to the demands of the painting itself, in an activity of layering, scraping, scratching and sanding. The physicality of my process builds a dense texture that adds to the play between surface, space and depth. Utilizing materials from the long tradition of illusionistic oil painting, I destroy that tradition while extending it in my own time.