Danila Rumold, “Untitled,” Ink on Yupo, 17″ x 11″

I am intrigued by the interweaving of thin and thick tree branches that cross and shift far and near. By zooming in and editing out, the network of lines begins to allude to neurosystems, which exist as a series of inter connected parts suggesting the structure of organs, or organisms.

Line is the main element in my work. I am drawn to strong silhouettes and differentiated filigree. I seek to capture the rhythmic movement of the line as an awareness of the inner life of things.

The space between invites atmospheric conditions that momentarily change the tangibility of the form such as fog which dissolves edges, or the sun which shines from behind.

Color makes an appearance in the form of light. Wielding color vibration, I elicit my viewers to be present to their own sensorial experience.

I choose watercolor, gouache, ink and oil for their ability to yield transparency and opacity. The medium’s viscosity which pools, swirls and drips embraces formlessness; when layered, the paint can be molded, scraped and scratched into it’s opposite, building up density, texture and form.