Deconstructing conventional notions of painting in my work, canvas and paper become an arena for unfettered happenings. Allowing everyday activities such as sleep, cooking and play to interact with my surfaces, they become the  catalyst for my work which finds form in performance, large-scale collage, installation, as well as drawing and painting.

Finding Freedom in playing with materials, I employ household tools, such as stove-top burners, washing machines and irons into the surfaces preparation. Using Mulberry paper and cotton canvas, I stain the surfaces with earthy colors made of natural dyes which I extract from local foraged plants such as Rabbit Brush, Horsetail and Prickly Pear. Mixing them with other readymade materials like ink, gouache and oil paint, I seal the final work with a varnish, assuring the pieces longevity of life.

The scale of my work connects to the human body. The intimate nature of the work being touched, rubbed, rolled, folded and draped, relates back to the physicality of touch. The experience of being on a one to one scale with the work, places the body inside it, creating a relational experience to the senses.