Painter, activist, educator, Danila Rumold melds natural materials and household finds as a vehicle for exploring her personal stories as mother, woman, artist, meditator, and community organizer. In her current series, Our Sheets, Rumold explores the unseen labor and taxed intimate territory of domestic life for women artists. Rooted in the knowing that motherhood and artistic practice are co-creative forces, Rumold blurs the boundaries between family life and art-making to yield intimate portraits of paradox: isolation and connection, oppression and liberation and becoming and being. 

Rumold utilizes a minimalist lexicon of the organic; the limited palette of the subdued colors of natural dyes, economy of forms, rough, uneven textures built and eroded by unfettered environmental happenings, allowing the passage of time and combining of elements to expose what is otherwise kept hidden. 

Earning her MFA in Painting from the University of Washington in 2001, Rumold went on to teach as adjunct professor of fine arts at Seattle University from 2003 to 2009. In the Summer of 2007, as resident director and instructor for a drawing/painting intensive in Siena, Italy, she created a curriculum centered on experiential and cultural education. In 2010, Rumold held a one-year, temporary, full-time position teaching mural-painting, print-making, drawing and design. In March 2009, she was awarded a stipend to attend the Vermont Studio Center residency program and, in August 2010, was awarded an artist grant from the Ora Lerman Charitable Trust for a residency at Soaring Gardens in Laceyville, PA. From June 2016 to June 2017, Rumold participated in a yearlong artist-residency in Motherhood, mentored by Lenka Clayton. 

Rumold has exhibited her work in Chicago, Seattle, Oregon, California and New Mexico. She has work in both private and public collections, and is currently represented by the Gallery I|M|A, in Seattle, SFMOMA Artist Gallery in San Francisco, and Exhibit 208 in Albuquerque.