We live in a deeply polarized society where people’s worldviews both on and off media shape our world in many seen and unseen ways. My work questions our assumptions about any unified public reality. In antithesis to special effects and glitzy-gloss images found in the artificial world of the internet, I turn to the common denominator of materials that have for the longest time been at our domestic base. 

Using colorful juices of fruits and vegetables and the infinite fragments of eggshells and coffee grounds, I combine them with traditional materials such as graphite, pastel, charcoal, ink and oil paint into various configurations and fleeting constellations. 

My images are part of a pointedly minimalist language, embodying an Eastern philosophy that everything is, "imperfect, incomplete and impermanent." The narrative takes place at the intersection of the material and its associations, becoming a lived and documented experience of the way we tell stories.