Spanning two decades of practice, my work has evolved from oil painting to mixed media. Over time, by necessity of working in a toxic free environment, I began reaching for found materials, such as natural dyes from colorful juices of fruits and vegetables such as blueberries beets and elderberries, and the infinite fragments of eggshells or coffee grounds. Mixing them with traditional materials such as graphite, pastel, charcoal, and ink, I bring them together into various configurations and fleeting constellations.

Allowing unfettered happenings to occur upon the surface, such as: sleeping on top of paper and allowing the bodies movement to tear, crease or fold the paper, or the staining and spilling of food juices on top of the surface which occurs during cooking and eating, or by leaving surfaces made out of clay or wood out in the high desert sun to crack and erode, I invite chance to act as a catalyst to the work. Back into the studio, I use traditional drawing and painting materials to make decisive marks, bringing intention into the work, creating an integration of the unconscious and conscious. 

My works aesthetics are situated between what critic Harold Rosenberg described of the Abstract Expressionists’ work as “an arena within to act,” rather than reproduce and critic Clement Greenberg’s,“allover” paint surface, which utilizes a pointedly minimalist vocabulary and focuses on formal elements, which in my work are line, color and texture without hierarchical relations. Artists who have influenced my work are: Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko and Brice Marden. These show a shared interest in looking inward, while allowing materials to speak for themselves. It is at this juncture between sensations and material that my work intersects with our need to understand ourselves and our world inviting the audience to do the same