This piece was stained with layers upon layers of of wine, coffee and chocolate. The materials mediate meaning by bringing forth the notion of "Samsara," which is the cycle of unsatisfactory and painful experiences that are perpetuated by desire.

Choclate and Brush.jpg
Wine, Coffee, Chocolate.jpg

Becoming aware of this repetition of habits in my life, I decided to give the sheet a wash in the laundry machine, as an act of acknowledging the "cleaning up" process.

Upon removing the torn and tattered piece, I hung it outside to dry.

Drying after Wash.jpg

I proceeded to mend the sheet.  Pausing, to see what my next response would be, I read a book called "Everyday Zen." In it the author talks about "burning soft coal," which is a metaphor for the act of being in aversion to difficult states. Utilizing a soft vine charcoal, I drew a rectangle that creates a contrast to the otherwise clean, white surface. The content of the piece, which evolved from my reflections, presented itself to me as a scroll.

danila_scroll (1).jpg